31 Jan 2014


I have to admit it, a few years ago when I first noticed Soap&Glory, I immediately loved the brand without even having tried a product, simply because the packagings look so cool! But I wasn't disappointed by what's inside, so here are a few products that I've been loving for a while and recently. Oh and I should mention that they all smell more or less the same that sweet cosy smell, reminds me a bit of marshmallows:D
-In the shower: Glad Hair Day shampoo, which I wouldn't use every day (probably because it's for all hairtypes and also because of the price:p), but it's still nice & Clean On Me shower gel, creamy and moisturizing, feels very nice & The Scrub Of Your Life 'ultimate super-moisturizing body buffer' a little treat for your skin every now and then
-After the shower: Hand Food hand cream, moisturizing and with a lot of good stuff in it, doesn't leave your hands all greasy & The Righteous Butter body moisturizer (for very dry skin) also feels very good on your skin and leaves that nice smell on it!
...and again still A LOT of revision needed, so we can't come online much atm:/

23 Jan 2014

Hyde Park

Despite the high chances of rain (surprise,surprise) and the freezing wind we decided to grab some food at Pret à Manger and go and sit down near the Serpentine in Hyde Park, one of our favourite places in London. We nearly got attacked by some ducks but it was really good apart from that, also it's nice to have such a calm place right in the middle of the busy areas...

jumper- Topshop, shirt- DIY (gonna do a post on this), bag - Paul's Boutique

19 Jan 2014

Cara Style

In fact, she could wear anything (actually she does often wear strange things) and still we would find her outfit amazing! There's just something about her style, Cara manages to always look so cool, yet effortless and elegant at the same time! Well, here are some ideas how to recreate two of her outfits that I liked, you can always give it a go;)  everything about the clothes here and here

pictures of cara found on google images and collage created on polyvore

15 Jan 2014

body scrub

A short post between coming home from school and studying...For us, finals are scarily close now and we really need to study hard. Sorry if the posts until the end of march are not too long, it'll improve! And we've got really exciting things and turns in our life happening after summer ;)
PS: I can only recommend this scrub; it smells wonderfully and it is really good for your skin!

12 Jan 2014

skiing holiday

A little collage of some of the pictures I took with my phone whilst being in Switzerland! Since we didn't have any snow at home yet, I was very excited to be in a winter wonderland for a week :)
xx Miri

9 Jan 2014

bord du lac

After new years me and my family went to see all our relatives in Geneva which was really nice! On this gorgeous day we went to the waterside of the lac Léman which is extremely beautiful, especially as it was really calm and you could see the snowy mountain peaks! My siblings and cousins decided to have a walk under the jet d'eau (which you can see in the 4th and 5th photo) and got soaked, but there's always the possibility of a good fondue afterwards to warm up :)
Maddie xxx

5 Jan 2014

vintage shop

Even though christmas is over, there are still plenty of reasons to shop, especially when you come across a vintage shop like this ;)
It's just off Brick Lane in London and called "Blitz"! If you're in the area, you should definitely try it out. When we were there, they even had a lot of the clothes on sale. I'm sure you'll find something as the shop is very big (downstairs and ground floor)!
Happy shopping to all the like-minded people out there xx

2 Jan 2014

happy new year!

Happy new year everyone! 2013 was a pretty good year, let's see what 2014 holds! We hope you had a nice NYE and a good start to 2014:) Again, sorry that there haven't been too many posts lately, but we've just spent the time with our families or friends that visited us or been to theirs and kind of stayed away from our laptops:p
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