23 Dec 2014

lucia, ice skating and countdowns


Stressful but also somewhat magical times before christmas, especially if spent around kids! On the 13th of december is Lucia, celebrated in order to bring light in times of winter darkness (literally!). The kids had little performances in school and kindergarden with songs and pepparkakor and coffee afterwards. A couple of friends and I also went to the Lucia show in Skansen which was really nice but SO cold. We also went to the christmas market and danced around the christmas tree in traditional swedish manner! ;)
The last weekend in Stockholm before heading home for christmas was filled with Ice Skating (more or less successful) and shopping presents. I couldn't wait to get home but as I was saying goodbye to my host family and friends there, it already felt like I wasn't going to come back. The final goodbye in summer is going to be very hard, I already know that for sure!

Merry Christmas everyone! xx

22 Dec 2014

driving home for christmas

Right, where do I begin? Sorry for being blog-dead for the past two (?!?) months? Oh dear. When I left to Switzerland I really didn't think working full time, having to sort different things while having a social life would leave me this little time for blogging or even none at all. I was very lucky to get a week off at Christmas so I’m driving home and sat on the train for 6 hours,I feel like I only now finally have time to prepare different posts and edit various pictures I took during the past month!

I have really enjoyed my time here so far and I’m looking forward to the next months to come even though I really work a lot, but no money no travels :L

But right now, I need to get the festivity on the blog before december is over! So here are a few impressions of christmassy Geneva, which is so beautiful! And also I edited and wrote this while listening to Michael Bublé, Rocking around the Christmas tree, step into Christmas & co 

And of course I’m soooo excited to see la familia and the friends especially the Stockholm girl again!

xo Maddie

16 Dec 2014

lisboa strolling I unpublished #4


A couple of pictures from our trip to Portugal! We went into town several times and did sightseeing, shopping and also just strolled around soaking in the summery vibes and the city's atmosphere :) We were indeed a bit worried about our belongings as many people told us to watch out for pickpockets but luckily nothing of that kind happened. The other thing was the tremendous difference between girls and boys going to town - of course we couldn't miss out on the cool stores which -to put it mildly- sort of annoyed the boys ;)

Other than that, we really miss these wonderful times spent with friends that are now scattered all over the globe...

14 Dec 2014

being an au pair

I thought it's about time to tell you something about my stay as an au pair so far. Since it's been more than 3 months already I get along with the kids very well and my swedish is acceptable for every day life, I guess ;)
I go to a language course in the morning 3 times a week and pick up the kids from kindergarden and school at around 16.00h every day unless they have activities (quite many to be honest) that start earlier. I'm glad that everything is in walking distance although the kids, especially the oldest since he  doesn't sit in a stroller anymore, is not too pleased whenever I don't take the car.
In the afternoon, I play with them, make dinner (we eat around 18.00h every day!) and clean up. I definitely didn't think in the beginning that it would be that much housework! They do have a cleaning lady but just cleaning up after playing and all the meals and also laundry is indeed quite a lot...Despite stressful times and sick kids having to be home all the time, I like my time here in Stockholm and the family I live with! If you haven't noticed by now, I absolutely adore Stockholm and by now I have also made quite a lot of new friends which of course makes one feel a lot more at home. Speaking of it, I somehow feel this has already become like a second home (although I feel like I have quite many second homes around the world :D ).

Merry christmas everyone! xx

25 Nov 2014

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Although we barely had any snow up until now, the christmas spirit has totally arrived! The christmas markets in town opened and the decoration on the streets and in the stores is being set up. Definitely a wonderful consolation against the dark times - the sun already sets at 15.00h!! This weekend we made ourselves comfortable at 'my' house as my host family was away for the weekend. Other than that, we spent a lot of our free weekend in town again and I finally got myself a proper winter jacket- the cold can come :) xx

17 Nov 2014

too many cool stores!


Fjällräven Kånken; top Brandy Melville; shoes Dr Martens; plaid shirt Monki; scarf Topshop

13 Nov 2014

getting a little artsy

Just some pretty things seen in 'Nordiska Museet' which is probably the most beautiful building in Stockholm! I will add some pictures of the museum itself in another post (looks a bit like Hogwarts - says the non-Harry-Potter-expert..or at least like a VERY cool boarding school!). For the next year or so, they are having an additional exhibition about 'sugar' which was very nicely made although I must admit I didn't read many of the signs in that section ;) xx

11 Nov 2014

moving to switzerland!

Finally, my plans have got more concrete and I am now going to be living in Switzerland for the next few months! Since I like to travel a lot (as one might have noticed) and uni life is going to be expensive, I thought it would be the best option for me to have a full time job now for a while, so that I have a good base for the travels I intend to do later during my gap year and hopefully for university next autumn.
I'm very excited to spend time in another city and country, even though a big part of my family is from here and it's like my second hometown.
So far I haven't gotten around to take a lot of exciting pictures, so in the mean time I'll just post this picture of a cow I met and the beautiful view I have in the morning!
xo Madeleine

6 Nov 2014

summer's back

Just like Maddie, I've also had an autumn break (thank god). Although I really love Stockholm, it was nice to get a break and spend some time with my family and family friends in the sun! Since it's quite convenient, we went to Mallorca - not too far away and definitely a very pretty island if you are away from charter tourism ;) - for 10 days and afterwards I spent one day at home before I headed back to Sweden again. It's just been one those perfect holidays with good food, the right people and of course the ocean! xx

31 Oct 2014

turkish week

(that pedalo was hell)

Over the years it has kind of become a tradition that every autumn we travel to some warm (usually mediterranean) place with my extended family, which is always something we all very much look forward to. It's so nice to have a week to relax, explore new regions and spend quality time with the family, and I'm really thankful that we get to do this.
It's also the chance to soak up every possible ray of sunshine and get that tan freshed up before longgg winter months!;)

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