17 Oct 2013

autumn wishlist!

autumn wishlist

sweaters wishlist

Some things on the autumn wishlist! Actually there isn't really a reason for buying lots of new things..no birthdays and no christmas yet but stilllll we've seen so many nice sweaters recently that are obviously perfect for this time of the year..as well as the shoes! Docs are a classic and the arabel-ish boot has kind of been around for a while but it's still great in autumn with a pair of trendy socks. Also a nice beanie to keep your hair out of the wind and the rain:) And as to the phone case - it's so cute(no one direction lover here:P)! You can find the details about all the items here and here if you like:) What's on your autumn list?


  1. I need about 7 more jumpers this autumn! It's starting to get cold outside :)


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