28 Oct 2013

holiday ootd

I gladly took the opportunity to throw my summery clothes in my suitcase! It's so nice to be able to wear shorts and t-shirts and not having to wear lots of layers...need summer again.
top-h&m, denim vest- brandy melville, shorts- bershka, shoes- bensimon

27 Oct 2013

missing pictures

I've just gotten back from one week on Mallorca that was reallyyy nice! I (Maddie) was going to make a post about it now but I have just realised that a lot of the pictures that I took at an amazing beach have DISAPPEARED somehow and I can't cope with the loss right now. So there will be a post about that or Miri's South Africa trip soon! Camera and laptop, sometimes I hate you.

17 Oct 2013

autumn wishlist!

autumn wishlist

sweaters wishlist

Some things on the autumn wishlist! Actually there isn't really a reason for buying lots of new things..no birthdays and no christmas yet but stilllll we've seen so many nice sweaters recently that are obviously perfect for this time of the year..as well as the shoes! Docs are a classic and the arabel-ish boot has kind of been around for a while but it's still great in autumn with a pair of trendy socks. Also a nice beanie to keep your hair out of the wind and the rain:) And as to the phone case - it's so cute(no one direction lover here:P)! You can find the details about all the items here and here if you like:) What's on your autumn list?

14 Oct 2013


As Miri is having fun in South Africa (hoping she meets Caspar Lee) and I'm basically chilling in my pjs all day, there's nothing really exciting I could talk about, so I thought I'd just post some pictures that hadn't been posted yet:P Hope everyone's gooddd
Maddie xx

11 Oct 2013

On holiday!

meeting one of my favourite actors(florian david fitz!!)was amazing // beautiful sunset // need a holiday!

early in the morning the classroom light was too much // weekend! // on the plane soon

Finally we're on holiday! After all the exams during the last weeks and the rainy cold days two weeks off and some sun are much needed! Miri's flying to South Africa today and I will be going to Mallorca next week. Hopefully we will be able to fresh up our tan before the longggg winter time to come:/ What are you up to?

2 Oct 2013

carnaby &co

Some strolling in& around beautiful Carnaby! Love the little shops and streets:)
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