5 Sep 2013

back to school

back to school

Monki top, $27 / Jacket / Topshop skinny jeans / Superga sneaker, $78 / Beanie hat / Urbanears tech accessory / Retro sunglasses, $13 / Maybelline concealer, $8.22 / Eos lip treatment / Book cover, $23 / ESSEY office supply, $21 / Nanda Home clock / Office supply / LEXON office supply, $39

Great - it's that moment we love again, going back to school. Time for outfits & basics to make it easier getting up early, having to get ready in a rush, long days at school and work of course: Be it bad hair day help, little treats to survive the day, music on=world off headphones when it gets too much, big bag to shove all your stuff in,concealer to look less tired, or a nice planner to organise your life.
But let's be optimistic because it's our LAST YEAR and not that long until autumn holidays and just because it's better to face it that way!

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