30 Sep 2013

new in

So this is what I recently got from brandy! Maybe not the best for this season but oh well;)
top & denim vest - brandy melville

27 Sep 2013

art outside

Surprisingly the sun came out today! So I took the opportunity to get my drawing stuff and some snacks outside in order to get my art project done. The assignment is to draw your dream house! Mine isn't very exotic, but i simply love these big Notting Hill houses:)

25 Sep 2013

hyde park picnic

One of our favourite things to do (as you might have noticed by now): grabbing some food and chilling at such beautiful spots - preferably Hyde Parc of course ;)
Another elixir of our life is "pret à manger", each having our standard orders. Every time we tend to try something new, we somehow end up there anyway :D

23 Sep 2013


bracelets- Sabo & Tiffany's,white shirt- Lindex, denim jacket- stradivarius

20 Sep 2013


Don't go there hungry because the variety of delicious food from all over the world there is just unreal!
We spent some time at Spitalfields then we strolled around Brick Lane before moving on to Boxpark which is basically lots of tiny stylish containers where you can find cool labels and stylish british designers! In all three places in the area we were able to find lots of cute little shops with an interesting variety of clothes, food and accessories! Definitely worth a couple of hours :) Tell us if you've been there!

18 Sep 2013


 This was at a friend's birthday party last weekend! It is already getting rather cold but it was still alright to spend the evening outside with yummy food, good music and bonfire with marshmallows! What do you think about our awesome 18-fire-photography art?;)

17 Sep 2013


If you want an amazing shower gel go buy one of these! They smell heavenly all sweet - candy - fruity. My favourite one is the gourmand pomme et au sucre it honestly makes me want to eat it haha! I'm afraid you can only get it in France though, but if you live there or are going on holiday there don't miss out;) The others are also sooo nice and i think the bottles are really cute!

15 Sep 2013

almost autumn

yep, summer's coming to an end :(
The sunny days become rare and so do the short and easy outfits! Enjoy every last bit of the sun while you can!
One good thing though: by next summer, we'll (hopefully) have finished shool - finally!

trousers- Topshop, lace shirt- Bangkok market, denim jacket- Stradivarius, bag- Topshop

12 Sep 2013

brighton - beach & pier

So here are the other pictures from our Brighton day!
In the afternoon, we went to the beach and chilled there for a while, enjoying the sun.
Then we strolled along the pier, had drinks and met nice people. We also went on the rides which was a whole lot of fun and as Brighton had such a lovely sunset to offer, the evening got a somewhat magical touch!
The only thing that wasn't quite as good is the fact that Miri decided to drop her phone on top of one of the rollercoasters - let's put it this way: not the most clever idea ;)

If you have the chance to go to Brighton (esp. in summer), don't miss out on it! You'll love it just as much as we did!

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