31 Aug 2013

by the thames

It was quite a beautiful day (for British weather standards:P ) that we spent by the Thames, making our way from St Katherine's docks down to the west end. It's so nice to walk along the Thames and spot cool places to sit down at and enjoy the view and the atmosphere:)

28 Aug 2013


It's nearly september now which is sad but still shouldn't mean summer's over! These are just a few pictures from some family time in Geneva(Switzerland) where most of my family live. I really like it there between the different mountains, the lake and a lovely city. Hope everyone is enjoying what's left of the holidays (or not having a too hard time if already back to school/uni/work:P ) !

24 Aug 2013

caviar nails

Caviar nails - I got this set for my birthday but as I didn't really have time then and didn't really want to have them at the beach or something I gave it a go recently. It's actually quite easy: you put on the normal nailpolish and then sprinkle some of these little glitter thingies on top while it hasn't dried. Make sure you put something underneath your hands like a little box because it'll be easier to re-collect the glitter that fell off. I also put some clear nailpolish on top at some places but it rather made it quite thick and sticky... Also once you've got your caviar nails on running your fingers through your hair gets quite tricky:P But it does look really cool!

20 Aug 2013

we heart it

check out my weheartit: miri285
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18 Aug 2013

blond 'n' blue

shorts- Zara, shoes- handmade from Bangkok, shirt- H&M, nailpolish- p2

13 Aug 2013

10 Aug 2013

50 shades of satchel

50 shades of satchel

Satchel is just such a nice kind of bag! Feel like it goes with every occasion and every style - also it exists in so many colours and price categories! If you want the details for each bag on here you can find them all here . Come and find yours:)

8 Aug 2013

island time

Back to internet! I went to this beautiful island in France where we've spent a couple of weeks in summer for the last 5 years. I stayed with my family and met a lot of friends from the last times and new ones, which is really cool as you can be with your family and do things with your friends at the same time! I usually meet friends at the beach and then we go out to the port at night where it seems all the party willing people on the island come together:D What is also cool about this island is that as its really tiny most people don't have a car on there and do everything by bike which makes you really independent! Another thing is that the houses are all really cute and in the same style with the white walls and the shutters in all shades of blue!
Maddie xxx
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