24 Jul 2013

alps, bolzano and our beautiful hotel

We came to this area because my parents and family friends that are with us wanted to hike. It's actually  one of the least desirable things I could ever think of but even I have to admit that it's a quite a breathtaking spot this planet has to offer :D

And since we also stayed in a really nice and charming hotel, it turned out to be a great trip!
The hotel is a so-called "design hotel". We took notice of it in a magazine in which extraordinary and original hotels are presented. The one we stayed in, called "Penzlhof, is a former farm up in the mountains where they have a stunning, huge garden. They still plant vegetables and fruits like for example strawberries or raspberries with which they make their own organic jam and other stuff!
The last picture of this post shows the evening the owners cooked a 5 course menu with ingredients from their farm and the area around- I haven't eaten anything delicious like that for a long time!!

Two nights, we went to Bolzano to go shopping and later on to nice restaurants. The city is surrounded by mountains and the buildings are very beautiful as well. Another amazing thing is that they had summer sale in most of the stores ;)

The next days, there will be another post about a lake we went to. Stay tuned!

Miri xxx

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