15 Jun 2013

LA shirt (DIY)

step 1: take a shirt that you bought for this cause or use one that you don't really need anymore - you must be aware that it might not turn out the way you expected! Shirts that are not fitted at the waist often work better because the create a more casual look in the end. (or you can simply buy a shirt that would normally be one or two sizes too big)

step 2 : cut off the sleeves (I cut it approx. up to where the "LA" ends in order to create a certain symetry - however, you can choose how far you want it to be, the futher down, the more audacious!)

step 3: (this step is optional and depends on the original cut of the shirt) I cut off the collar and the lower end as well since these parts would have still been quite tight which I didn't want them to be.

The final product:

You can now wear your shirt with any kind of bandeau or nice bra :)

I always had something like this in mind! But let's be honest - it's always the same with these DIY things. You see them almost every day on tumblr or so and mostly you think, "wow, what a great idea, I have to try this...later..." and then later becomes never! Right?
Don't worry - same here!
But last week, I finally got it done and I must say, once you start it's a lot of fun!
The hardest thing is to get yourself to that point of actually beginning, not just planning in your mind ;)
I certainly don't want to give you a lecture but I just want to motivate you to get started on something - whether it be a DIY or something completely different. It's the little achievements of our every day life that lead slowly but steady to a happy life :)

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain

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