27 Jun 2013


Finally 18! I had a few friends come over to celebrate with me so here are a few pictures from that night!
And as we're both 18 now and this is sort of what we were looking forward to when we created this blog  we thought we'd just add the link of this song we really like ... eighteen cool :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG8R-WX78fM

strawberry punch preparations, yummy drinks & self made ice cubes, smarties/kitkat cake, bonfire with s'mores :)

25 Jun 2013


Zara shell top / Topshop super skinny jeans / Black skate shoes / Quilted backpack, $51 / Topshop slouch hat / Illesteva green sunglasses / Noir Cosmetics clear makeup

Like a lot of other people, we love Cara Delevingne - and her style! Whatever she wears it always looks effortless, cool and sophisticated at the same time! So we might sometimes be influenced by some of her outfits and here's a little 'get the look' thingy to look awesome like she does;)

16 Jun 2013

sunny sunday afternoon


Some pictures from earlier today...Time to chill out, relax by the pool and get refreshed, finish off the weekend in the afternoon sun. Miri was away this weekend to see some family and she'll only be landing before school tomorrow. Hope you guys had a good weekend!
Maddie xxx

15 Jun 2013

LA shirt (DIY)

step 1: take a shirt that you bought for this cause or use one that you don't really need anymore - you must be aware that it might not turn out the way you expected! Shirts that are not fitted at the waist often work better because the create a more casual look in the end. (or you can simply buy a shirt that would normally be one or two sizes too big)

step 2 : cut off the sleeves (I cut it approx. up to where the "LA" ends in order to create a certain symetry - however, you can choose how far you want it to be, the futher down, the more audacious!)

step 3: (this step is optional and depends on the original cut of the shirt) I cut off the collar and the lower end as well since these parts would have still been quite tight which I didn't want them to be.

The final product:

You can now wear your shirt with any kind of bandeau or nice bra :)

I always had something like this in mind! But let's be honest - it's always the same with these DIY things. You see them almost every day on tumblr or so and mostly you think, "wow, what a great idea, I have to try this...later..." and then later becomes never! Right?
Don't worry - same here!
But last week, I finally got it done and I must say, once you start it's a lot of fun!
The hardest thing is to get yourself to that point of actually beginning, not just planning in your mind ;)
I certainly don't want to give you a lecture but I just want to motivate you to get started on something - whether it be a DIY or something completely different. It's the little achievements of our every day life that lead slowly but steady to a happy life :)

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain

14 Jun 2013

colour boost

Just a few snaps from inside American Apparel because we thought the way the clothes are presented and the mix of colours look so cool :) Especially wish we could have bought most of the nail polishes!

11 Jun 2013

london calling

No, we're not going to London yet, but hopefully we will soon! Speaking of London- we've missed out on this year's Summer in the City tickets (yes, we are massive youtube-family addicts!), so if you're reading this and maybe want to refund your tickets or know someone who does, we'd be extremely happy to buy yours :)
top- topshop, jeans-zara

9 Jun 2013


This week we had a school trip where we went to see a play in the theatre. It was rather boring and especially boiling in there so we decided to at least go to Vapiano and have some pizza and drinks while it was still warm outside... Hope you're all well xxx

6 Jun 2013

bonjour chérie

bonjour everybody :)
enjoying the sunshine and FINALLY starting to get a tan!
We love spending our frees or the time after school in the park with friends, it's just generally a really chilled atmosphere and you can look out for a nice spot along the water and just settle there for a bit!
Plus we're counting down the weeks until the summer holidays, 5 to go :D


trousers- topshop, t-shirt "bonjour chérie"- zara, blazer- zara, drink- Arizona iced tea, bracelet- Sabo and Tiffany's, bag- h&m

2 Jun 2013

1 year ago: Diamond Jubilee

This time last year there was a bank holiday so we thought why not go to London for a couple of days? We're both London-lovers anyway so that time we mixed it with some cheering in the crowd and collecting goodie bags from the events in Hyde park. It was just generally a great atmosphere having the city all covered in Union Jacks, seeing everything in Jubilee-style and watching the Royals (Harry!) step out on the balcony before singing 'God save the Queen' with the crowd.
Hope you like the pictures, leave a comment to share your Jubilee experience if you went :)

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