27 May 2013


Tomorrow is the day, everyone!
I am turning 18 on the 28th of May! And since our blog is called "Eighteen Cool", this is quite an event we must celebrate :)
I hope you all have an as wonderful and as exciting week as we do, and that you keep enjoying our blog. Not too long ago (only 2 weeks or so?!), we started this and up until now, Maddie and I are very happy about the way it turned out. We love what we do and we are trying our best to improve our page little by little!
I hope you continue joining us on our journey - wherever it will take us.
There will be coming loads of nice birthday photos the next days, so stay tuned :)

Miri xoxo

denim jacket- stradivarius, denim shirt- zara, necklace- forever 21


  1. What a cool & unique look! I've never seen anybody wear double denim like this.

    - Erin


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