31 May 2013


On the day itself we had school so there wasn't really a lot to do, but as we had some frees and it was even sunny and warm (after weeks of grey and rain!) we went to town and had some frozen yogurt and sat down to enjoy the beautiful day!

27 May 2013


Tomorrow is the day, everyone!
I am turning 18 on the 28th of May! And since our blog is called "Eighteen Cool", this is quite an event we must celebrate :)
I hope you all have an as wonderful and as exciting week as we do, and that you keep enjoying our blog. Not too long ago (only 2 weeks or so?!), we started this and up until now, Maddie and I are very happy about the way it turned out. We love what we do and we are trying our best to improve our page little by little!
I hope you continue joining us on our journey - wherever it will take us.
There will be coming loads of nice birthday photos the next days, so stay tuned :)

Miri xoxo

denim jacket- stradivarius, denim shirt- zara, necklace- forever 21

22 May 2013

Lip care

A selection of a few favourite lip care products. We'll probably do one on lipsticks soon :)

Yves Rocher Nourishing lip balm, Lush Sweet Lips lip scrub, eos lip balms (Watermelon Wonderland &Strawberry Sorbet), Carmex soothing lip balm (cherry)

20 May 2013


The good thing about jumpers like this one is that you can basically wear them with anything, during any season of the year plus they're so comfy!

jeans- Bershka, jumper- Republic

19 May 2013

fancy a snog?

Frozen yogurts are amazing. They're so delicious, you can choose any topping you want, they're refreshing, you can have them anywhere on the go and they're even healthy...or at least not unhealthy :)

snog frozen yogurt

18 May 2013

Summer, where you at?

We took these photos last september but since there is no such thing as sun and warm temperatures right now, we thought we'd spread a bit of last year's summer and happiness!

vest- vintage, top- mango, denim shirt- zara, popcorn top- bangkok market

Let's introduce ourselves

We are Madeleine and Miri, turning 18 soon.
Since we're really into the fashion/lifestyle blogging thing, we have decided to start our own blog to share what we love - so here it is!
Throughout the blog, you'll get to know us anyway, so why spend so much time at this?
We are very excited and can't wait for our first posts to go online, stay tuned!


Maddie and Miri

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