25 Dec 2013

merry christmas!

hello everyone, just a quick post to say merry christmas!
Finally, all the presents are bought and we spent some time on the christmas market and ice rink with our friends and now it's proper christmas timeee!
We hope everybody has some wonderful festive days with their families and loved ones!
ho ho ho 

19 Dec 2013


Tartan- one of this season's biggest trends! It's basically been on every fashion blog and every shop window. I think it works nicely in a lot of looks, especially if you wear it with dark colours or jeans!
Other than that..last day of school tomorrow! Hopefully we're just gonna watch Love Actually whilst eating christmassy foods:)
jeans vest-brandy melville, disco pants- topshop, scarf- don't know had it for ages haha

16 Dec 2013

getting festive

Well we're not only starting to get festive now, but the time before christmas is often so stressful so we didn't get to write this. We've had loadsss of exams at school and still there are two more to come this week! Going to school when it's dark, coming back home when it's dark, isn't that just wonderful... On the other hand it kinda adds to the festive/comfy mood and you can just light a candle, snuggle up and grab yourself a hot chocolate!Let's not mention the dozens of presents we have not bought yet..but lots of yummy food, christmassy scents, and the re-activating your good old christmas playlist (michael bubblé!) What's on yours?

10 Dec 2013

high wasted & cropped knit

Who doesn't love knitted sweaters? ;)
Perfect, comfy and easy to combine! This one quite tight around the neck which can be uncomfortable when wearing freshly washed (I hate the feeling of getting strangled by clothes!). However, the fabric stretches quite soon and you don't want to put it off ever again :)
Also, you might think that I just underestimated my size whilst buying it but I promise you the length of the sleeves and the bottom part is intended!
I guess I'll also make a post on the boots at some point..

scarf- Topshop, knit- Zara, trousers- Topshop, boots- Dr Martens

7 Dec 2013

London at night l unpublished #2

Again these pictures were taken a while ago but got lost in our drafts:D This was after we had been in Soho with friends and we thought before going home we'd go to the Thames and enjoy the beauty of London at night for a bit!

3 Dec 2013

happy december!

Just thought I'd create a collage of some of the beautiful wintery pictures that float around the weheartit and tumblr universe :)

29 Nov 2013


One of the most delicious things ever! Involve some hours in the kitchen (to be honest mainly my mum and sister's work :P ) but if you think of the result... Also if you compare how many macarons you get in one go and the money you'd have to spend for that in Ladurée (the place for macarons) it's quite advantageous:) Seeing the pictures while making this post has made me really craving some now haha!

25 Nov 2013

swellendam & st. francis I SA pt.2

Hello there! I thought I could brighten the misty, grey and cold days of november by posting the second part of my South Africa trip. I would seriously kill to go back right now!
These pictures were taken on our way from Swellendam up to St. Francis Bay. We stopped at places called Franschhoek, Knysna and George and went to nature reserves such as De Hoop (simply dunes and the ocean stretching for miles) and on more adventure-like trips like a tree top canopy tour! I was trying to stalk Caspar Lee's house in his hometown Knysna and I believe that I know the area in which he is living (Yes, I'm a weirdo.).
On top of that, I visited my friends boarding school that I also went to for a couple of weeks back in 2011. I could go on for days about how kind and lovely South Africans are and how nicely they welcomed me back :)

Although the weather wasn't as nice as usually, South Africa remains one of my favourite destinations!

I'll be publishing the third part whenever I feel like some sunshine should appear on our blog :)

PS: It literally just started snowing.

21 Nov 2013

Notting Hill & Camden | unpublished #1

We've realised that we actually had quite a lot of drafts or post ideas that we somehow never got to publish and we thought it'd be good to put these in a kind of new 'series' where we now and then publish those so they don't get sent to blogger nirvana:D
A while ago (with cosy temperatures as you may guess from our clothes) we spent a day in Notting Hill and Camden. Love the colourful houses there and all the little stalls in Camden Lock!

17 Nov 2013

autumn leaves

Well one good thing about autumn has to be the colours of the leaves, especially in the evening sunlight! (if for once you're not at school that time of the day and the clouds have miraculously gone)
tartan shirt- pull&bear and dress from forever21

13 Nov 2013


The first proper autumn/winter post!
Although the sun is still quite nice, the temperature dropped down incredibly. I almost freeze to death on the Vespa every morning on the way to school!
Because of that (and other annoying and stressful things like school) it's so nice to find some time, put on a onesie and drink some tea :) And every time I scroll down tumblr, weheartit and other blog pictures (which happens on a quite regular basis), I really feel like buying TONS of cosy sweaters!
Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the week - 2 days until we shout TGIFFF! :D

I guess I should go to bed now, good night.

9 Nov 2013

hei poa

A new favourite! This hei poa set leaves your skin super soft with a smell of tiara (never heard of this plant before haha) and green grapefruit. Not sure if I would have been able to tell what they smell like without the description but anyways they smell amazing! They're both made from monoi oil (the balm one mixed with shea butter) which is very good to hydrate and protect the skin and hair. I tried it on my hair once but it didn't really turn out so well as my hair was still super oily after washing it:L What's also good about these two is that they're made in France and apparently from fairtrade cultivation in Tahiti!

7 Nov 2013

cape town I SA pt. 1

For our 2 weeks autumn break, my family and I went to South Africa. We started our trip in Cape Town and stayed in a city close to it called Stellenbosch. I was very excited to see a very good friend of mine there. About 2 years ago, I went to school in South Africa which is why the trip was even more exciting to me! Although I visited my friends after that and they also came to see me, I hadn't seen them in a long time! So this one friend I met in Stellenbosch goes to university there and hence she showed me the campus and all of that. I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and the uni itself!
All in all, these first 4 days of the trip were absolutely great and once more I realized how much I love Cape Town and the whole country!!!

If you have never been there, I promise you, it's so so so worth it! (not just the country but also the people are my favourites)

xx Miri

I guess I'll upload the parts bit by bit and we'll put them in between of our "regular schedule".
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